Retail Market

Partner Flooring provides a complete line of services to manage your next commercial flooring project in Retail industry without any disruption to your daily operation.

Corporate Office

Partner Flooring can transform your office space into a more pleasant and comfortable environment for your employees and clients.


Partner Flooring understands the importance of aesthetics and durability in hospitality industry and will work with your design team to select and install the flooring of your choice.


Partner Flooring Difference

Our name indicates that you are our partner on every projects that we have an opportunity to work together. We understand the importance of project scope, deadlines, budget and other project constraints. Our goal is to help you complete your projects successfully on time, every time.

We understand the importance of communication all the way from customer to the installation technician that is responsible for performing the installation. We will become your project manager for your commercial or residential project and coordinate the details of initial design, installation schedule, preparation, demolition, installation and project completion with all involved parties on the project utilizing sign-offs and pictures as regular updates to keep everyone informed.

Partner Flooring certified installation technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about the flooring industry where many of them have been trained and certified by leading flooring manufacturers.

Partner Flooring can handle a project of any size anywhere throughout the United States. We look forward to becoming your partner on your next commercial flooring project.

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